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Hi Everyone!

I just wanted to drop in and let you know a little about what’s in store for this here website.  As you might have noticed, our podcast – Generation Goat – is now in its sixth episode, and we’re hoping to have guests, video, and other exciting bits in the coming month.  On the blogging front, things should begin to pick up soon, as both dissertation and mono (boo) have begun to subside.  So, look for updates in the near future!  Also, it’s worth noting, we’re still looking for contributors.  So, if you’re interested, send us your ideas!  Lastly, this month will see the resurrection of One Imaginary Blog which has, regrettably, oft lived up to its title.  So, keep your eyes open!

That’s pretty much everything.  I hope you’re all enjoying the approach of Summer, and that you’ll keep coming back to share your stories and comments.  As always, let us know if there’s something you want to see here, but just haven’t found yet (note: we’ve already been made aware of the “quality” thing).

And with that, I leave you with today’s random youtube video (after the cut):

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St. Patrick’s Day Mix – 2009

st_patricks_day_chicago2Happy St. Patrick’s Day, Everyone!

Yes, I know it’s two days early.  But I have to get you while you’re still sober, right?  Or at the very least, while you’re not observing this most somber of holidays in Church, or gathered together with loved ones in prayer and strict observation of St. Patrick’s teachings. (1) Undoubtedly, as with all ethnic and religious events, the day will bring you a number of difficult thoughts and questions.  Some of these might be: “What possesses a man to drink that much green beer…or, any green beer for that matter?”, or “Why won’t Sully just leave me alone?”, or “When did everyone in the world suddenly become Irish? I know for a fact that that guy’s from New Jersey…” Or perhaps you’re just wondering who this Erin girl is and just what precisely it is that she is meant to go and do…

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  1. A note, as I know there has been some confusion: Whiskey is never an appropriate substitute for communion wine. Ever. [Back]

Site News

Hi Everyone, Well, 365Songs had a bit of a setback today, when favtape went died of dysentery!  However, if you have a look at the page, I’ve come up with an alternate method using  Is it as simple or elegant?  Probably not.  But it will work, and we will enjoy our tapes!  And hey, it’ll even make a nice radio station of all our lists.  So, that’s something!  I’ve also updated the facebook group, and created a 365Songs group on  I hope to see you all there!


Update 2/26: As of right now, favtape seems to be working again.  What this means, and what we should do, remain worthy of debate!

Site News

Hey there,

This is just a little update to let you know what’s going on this month.  If you’re a longtime visitor, you’ll notice that we’ve started up again.  If you’re a new user, then you’ve come along at what (I hope) will be a very interesting time for the site.  I’m now experimenting with articles on music-related topics, as well as the usual posts about songs themselves.  Some of this experimentation has led to cross-posting with Geek Force Five.  That cross-communication will hopefully continue in the form of our “super secret” audio project.  More on that in the next week or two!

Also, we’re experimenting with Twitter.  (It happens to the best of us, right?)

As ever, I’m eager to find new contributors, submissions, and ideas.  Drop me a line if you have any thoughts!  You can also find more information here: Contributions and Submit!

That’s all for now!  See you all soon!


Site News


Well, that last entry turned out to be a bit of a false start, eh?  I wanted you all to know that, starting next week, the site will be returning to action!  I’ve had a lot of real life things going on – dissertations, relationships, rabid wombats – and it’s been a pretty busy few months.  Still, don’t think that means that I haven’t missed you!  So, when the site returns to action, I would expect an entry a week to start with.  Sometimes, I will post more, and sometimes it will stretch to ten days – but I think we’d all like a routine!  Hopefully, we’ll be able to settle on a “post day” that we can all come to rely on.

And with deepest sincerity, I want to extend my gratitude to all of you who have kept watching and reading.  It’s wonderful to see so many of you come and go, even when I give you no reason to!  I love having you as readers, and I hope to return to making it worth your while!  And, as ever, I’d love to hear your stories… do consider keeping this thing going by contributing!

See you very soon,