Where do I Start?

The easiest way to get involved is to register. If you’re interested, go ahead and register (link below – I promise: your e-mail is sacred!), send a message to Jon at, and tell me what you’d like to write about. I can then change your access to contributor, and we go from there. It’s pretty easy, and I’ve added an “Author’s Manual” to help you through. I know it sounds kinda formal, but one can never be too careful with “open access” these days.

On the other hand, you could always try using the submissions page.  It’s a lot less elegant, but you could post anonymously if that’s your thing. (Though, really, you’re anonymous when you register, too.  Still, I know it can make a difference, and so there we are.)

Ok, well, what should I write about?

Any song that’s changed your life, inspired you to become the person you’ve become, or challenged you is fair game. Have a look around the site, and see what sorts of things we do – of course, we’re always up for new ideas! (Writing about gigs, mix tapes, scenes, etc.) I’m hesitant to say that things are “off limits,” but I suppose the general “Dude, this song is rad” posts aren’t really for us. Not that those don’t have a place, but the discussion we’re trying to cultivate is about, well, songs that saved your life. So, I guess that song would have to be really rad. Beyond that, we’re not looking for any specific genre, or period, and the more variety the better! If you’re unsure about how you might fit in, send a message through the contact form. I’ll be happy to help you channel your ideas.

Is That It?

Nothing else comes to mind. I’m looking forward to hearing from you, and to being inspired by your experiences.


Here’s that link to register: click here.