So, I had this idea.  Many of you are familiar with the idea of 365 Days.  In a nutshell, people take a photo a day and you follow along with their adventures on Flickr.  Some of these amount to a sequence of self-portraits.  Some of them are nature.  Some of them are boxes of nails.  Well, whichever level of the spectrum you’re on, it’s safe to assume that you can translate that enthusiam into music.  (At least, since you’re here, I feel safe assuming it.)  And thus is born: 365Songs.

What I am proposing is this: A mix tape for the whole year.  Built day by day, song by song, until it records your own year in a way that might very well be fun at New Year’s parties and in years to come.  What I will do, and I hope you will join me, is to head on over to Last.fm and create a mix called “365-2009″  Each day, I’ll add a song, and so a year will be made.

This way, I get to keep a record, and share the experience with whoever might be interested.  If you want to share yours with the rest of us, you could leave a comment here, join the Last.fm group, or you could create a twitter post with the tag #365songs.  That way, we can form a little tribe of mixtapes that will tell the stories of our lives and years as they unfold.  It sounds corny, but I bet it could be kinda fun!

And that’s it, really.  No roadmap, as yet.  You can visit our facebook group, or leave a comment here to let us know how to find you.  I can’t wait to find you all out there!  Have fun, and don’t forget to ask: “Hey, what does today sound like?”


Update: Feb. 26th, 2009.

As of right now, favtape has returned.  What this means for the project, and for those of you who like that service (I sure do), is certainly worthy of debate!  Perhaps, if you make a favtape, you might still join the facebook or Last.fm groups?  At least, that way, we can share our experiences! 🙂

Update: Feb. 25th, 2009.

I wrote some instructions for getting things going on Last.fm.  I hope they help!

In a nutshell, here’s what to do:

1) Head over to Last.Fm and make yourself an account.

2) On your profile page, click on playlists and make a new one. I recommend “365 – 2009,” but you’re free to choose of course.

3) Add tracks. Now, here’s a slight limitation of Last.fm. You need to add a certain quantity of songs before lists are playable. Fortunately, that number is less than the number of days we’re in to 2009. 🙂

4) I would recommend joining the group – http://www.last.fm/group/365Songs, so that we can find you and share in your playlist.

5) That’s it, really. I know that this is a big change, but I hope that you will give it a try. I’d hate to see this little project die before it begins.

And hey, if you think you know a better way to do all of this, then do teach us! I’m sure we’d all love to know!


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