Happy St. Patrick’s Day 2010!

Happy St. Patrick’s Day everyone! I’ve thrown together a few things to help make the day a little more musically satisfying. (And no, you’re not going crazy: I’ve put this post on Shh, Listen… as well.) There’s a nice playlist I put together over at Grooveshark, some videos on YouTube, and some links to other fine sources of entertainment. Hopefully, there’s something for everyone! As for me, I’ll be passing St. Patrick’s Day in that most traditional of places… an English jail. (Well, all right, university. But there’s not much aesthetic difference, I’ll tell you that!)

Now, just click the link to see the good stuff, and enjoy!

Before giving you my own stuff, I’d really encourage you to head over and check out both the great Irish & Celtic Music Podcast and the excellent A Celtic Sojourn on WGBH. Oh, and here’s last year’s post, if you’re looking for more stuff!

And now, here’s my Grooveshark list and the YouTube playlist I promised:

If it’s not working, you can visit the list directly by clicking here.

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