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Hi Everyone,

Greetings from San Francisco! I’m out here for a bit of vacation, and to see a few Smashing Pumpkins at The Fillmore. I’ve already been to two, and they have been amazing. I am looking forward to posting lots of photos and some videos, just as soon as my Internet connection is reliable. If I don’t get it done before the 1st, then I’ll have it done by the 3rd. Hopefully, however, I’ll get something up soon. So, what this boils down to is this: keep looking!

In the meantime, here’s a tease (go ahead: click on it!):

Billy Corgan at The Fillmore

Update (8/4): Slight delays in processing the material have made for delays in production. While waiting for the report (in the next few days), have a look at the photos and videos from the event (over in the sidebar). Thanks!

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  1. I was at twelve feet! 🙂 Some of the photos are really awesome. The first night had me at about sixty feet, but my zoom is massive. I can’t wait to share things with everyone. Of course, there’s always a bit of blur-o-vision (this happens with night/low-light photography), but some of it is brilliant. And the videos are turning out nice, too! 🙂

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