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Hi everyone,

The time has come to unveil the first part of my evil plan for world domination! I am very proud to introduce you to our very first contributor – Chris Clark. Chris is a friend of mine from ages ago, a survivor of the Chelmsford, MA music scene (population five), and a lover of terrible, terrible pop bubblegum trashâ„¢. Seriously, though, Chris provides a set of experiences that will very likely be couched in songs that I would never have considered, even though I’m familiar with them. And that, my friends, is the point of this site. Or, at least, it’s what I hope this site will become. In the next few weeks, I will (fingers crossed) be introducing a handful of new contributors as things begin to take shape.

Would you like to be one of them? You could be. The first step is to register for the site. The second is to send me your ideas, and we’ll see about opening this thing up a bit. I’m still going to keep on writing about the songs that saved my life, but my hope is that we’ll find a way to share our diverse experiences in a way that will bring us closer.

And so, help me welcome our first contributor by heading over to read Chris’ post. In the next few weeks, there will be others… and, yes, there are more surprises to come! Hang in there, true believers…

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