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Hey Everyone,

As you can see, things have changed. First of all, I’m trying out a new look for the site, and I’d really like your opinion. Please use the poll to the side, comment here, or both! I feel like things are considerably more personal, now, and we can move on to phase two of my evil plan. All in good time, though. Also, you’ll notice (if you’re particularly astute) that the permalinks have changed. (1) You may now (and are encouraged to) visit the site via This will be the last time you need to update your bookmarks. Feeds should remain untouched. (2)

As I alluded to before, there are some longer posts to come in the next couple of weeks. Also, I am still working on the site’s first-ever collaborative project, and I hope to have news in a couple of weeks. Until then, for your singing and dancing pleasure, I leave you Thing One and Thing Two. Have a great April!

  1. One of the results being that all of the YouTube videos now behave in IE… [Back]
  2. I am such a liar. My love of tinkering has broken the old rss feed. Please re-subscribe. Pretty please? I promise I’ll never touch the server again. Ever. [Back]

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